How To Apply For New PAN Card Online

Apply for new PAN Card online with easy and simple steps

Why do we want a PAN Card?

Apply for new PAN Card online – A lot of us, utilize it as a type of identification, as well, although PAN Card is a vital record for the majority of us in India, not for the purpose of filing tax returns. Today has become compulsory for people regardless of if they have taxable income or not.

Apply for new PAN Card online
Apply for new PAN Card online

PAN Card Apply, Apply for New PAN Card Online, PAN Card Application Form Online

Apply for New PAN Card online – In today’s article, I will tell you how to apply for new pan card online. In today’s times, the Indian government is paying more attention to the digitalization and modernization of things. This link, I have been connecting the government goods and facilities to the Internet to the people and reaching them. Any government work in today’s time, it can be done online. There is a lot of benefits from online work, one is saving time, and there is a need for fewer people for that work from above.

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India is now going through the phase of Digital Revolution. As people gain the benefits of digital goods, people will use digital media more like that. The Government of India is digitizing its policy/scheme only after understanding these things. At present, the Central Government has already started a website through which you can see the official office hours and their attendance.

PAN Card Application Form Online – Apply for New PAN Card online.

PAN (Permanent account number), i.e., the permanent account number card is a unique ID issued by the Government of India. PAN does not change with the person’s place or location. Once it is released, it becomes permanent. PAN card is issued under Income Tax Act 139A. Pan Card Indians are also given to those who invest in foreign countries along with them. Being a PAN card cannot be said to be proof of the citizenship of India. The numbered numbers on the PAN card are alphanumeric, which means they have some English alphabet and some numbers of mathematical figures.

How to apply for New Pan Card online?

Today, Tow government organizations are responsible for online application and other online related things related to PAN in the country. The first of these is NSDL (national securities depository limited), and the other is UTIITSL. Through these 2 platforms, you can apply for a change/modification of your PAN and a apply for new PAN CARD Online.

1. First of all open this page of NSDL website in your browser.

2. After that scroll down and select “Apply for new PAN Card Online” and click on “individual.” After that, the form will be filled in front of you as per the information is given below.

Apply For New Pan Card Online
Apply For New Pan Card Online

3. At the beginning of the form, you will have to fill simple information such as your name, father’s name, your address, age, gender. All of these can be filled comfortably without any assistance. First of all fill this information accurately.

4. After this, you will see a column in which you have to fill the AO code, which means AO code means any area code and related information. You can know the AO code by visiting this link.

Find Area Code-Apply For New Pan Card Online
Find Area Code-Apply For New Pan Card Online

5. By visiting this link, you can find the AO Code of the city through the first English alphabet in your town. Find out the AO code and fill the system of your city in the AO code column.

6. After filling all the information, the payment comes after the amount of PAN is Rs. 110. You have to deposit a fee of Rs. 110. You can give this payment through credit/debit or net banking. Choose your payment method.

7. After selecting the payment method, you can click on submit. Before submitting, once you see all the information, there is no mistake in spelling anywhere. After confirming, click submit.

8. After successful completion of the payment, you will see an “acknowledgment form.” This acknowledgment form has some 15 digits and can be used later to get information related to PAN. Print out this acknowledgment form.

9. After removing the print, attach 2 passport size photos on that form.

10. Make your signature on the correct places given on the form.

11. After this, send the form to the Income Tax Department with your permanent address and other documents. Writing an application for PAN over this form and sending it to ITD. This form should be submitted within 15 days of filling online.

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Note: After reaching the Income Tax Department, it can take up to one month to 45 days for the PAN Card to be created. Meanwhile, the Income Tax department verifies the information given by you and after that, if the given all information is found correct, then your application is forwarded to where your PAN card is created.

  • You can find out the information about your PAN card through the application number. If your PAN card is ready or not, its location means that where it is present and how long it will reach you. This is called Track order/status.

Apply for New PAN Card Online, PAN Card Online, PAN Card Application Form Online

Required Documents Apply For New Pan Card Online:-

For PAN card, you must submit proof of identity proof/address proof and DOB.

For this, you can attach any of these documents.

  1. A) As an ID proof, you can attach any of these documents to the document.
  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter card
  • Passport
  • Ration Card (Photo to be yours)
  • Driving license
  • Arms License etc.

You can prove your identity by putting any of these documents.

2. B) You can choose from several documents for DOB Proof.

  • Birth certificates issued by the municipal corporation
  • Passport
  • Markshit of the tenth/twelfth
  • driving license
  1. C) For address proof, you can attach any of these documents to your PAN card application.
  • Voter card
  • Passport
  • Aadhar Card
  • driving license
  • Copy of property registration paper
  • Electricity bill of electricity
  • Telephone connection bill
  • water bill
  • Bank account statement


According to your convenience from these papers, you can send any document with your post to the Income Tax Department. “Apply for Pan Card Online” is very easy. In today’s time, it is necessary for every person to have a PAN card. Go and “Apply for new PAN card online.”

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