Best Term Insurance Plans 2018 – Health, Life, Car Insurance

Best Term Insurance Plans 2018 – Health, Life, Car, Travel Insurance

Best Term Insurance Plans is what you can do to reduce financial risk in your life. The risk that occurs when death occurs, falls ill, causes accidents or property damage. There are many more things that are covered by insurance. We all know when life can end, I do not know. Everyone should be prepared financially for this. Always be prepared for this, what will happen to my family after me? Where can my family get financial support after me? How will the family members spend their expenses? Insurance is what protects the future of your family.

Best Term Insurance Plans 2018
Best Term Insurance Plans 2018

Best Term Insurance Plans – The insurance plan is not just an economic security but it also saves you from many types of tax. There are many companies that provide different types of insurance. We are going to talk about the best term insurance plans and types of insurance that you must know about.

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Best Term Insurance Plans for health insurance.

Health insurance policy – If you suddenly lost your health and the doctor caught a long list of expensive medicines. Or if you suddenly become an accident or if you become ill, you are admired in the hospital. Then health insurance stands for you. By taking this insurance, the company pays the hospital and medicines bills.

Many companies provide cards, which can show you cashless treatment. That is, the hospital will not ask you for a penny. Many companies have made health insurance mandatory because when a medical emergency arrives, it is not known.

Two types of Health Insurance.

First, you can claim only after getting admission. If you show a doctor to small illnesses, then no claim is made. Suddenly there was a big problem in the tooth and made a long-billed bill, so you do not get coverage.

The second option is that the insurance company raises the costs of doctor’s fees and medicines to the hole coverage, in which the fever comes, from the pain in the tooth to the hospital. If you do tax savings, then under Section 80D, you get tax relief on a bill of Rs 15,000. Senior citizens get tax exemption on the bills of up to Rs 20,000.

Best Term Insurance Plans for Child plan.

Expenditure on education is growing very fast. Just think, if your child is selected from a good place after passing the 12th, where the fees will be paid in lakhs, then where will you bring the money suddenly? Child plans prove helpful at such times. Under the Child Plan, you get a lump sum amount when the time comes first and secondly, if the policyholder dies, even when the child gets the benefit of it. This means that your child’s education will continue even if you do not. At the same time, you get a discount under section 80D of income tax.The money received on the policy maturity is tax-free under section 10 (10D).

Best Term Insurance Plans for Critical Illness.

Suddenly, if there is a serious illness, then money flows like water. In such cases, many families are left empty of bank accounts. Whether the patient is recovering or not, there is a financial crisis in the family. To avoid such a financial crisis, it is important that you take a health insurance that is standing with you in a serious illness. There are several companies, who are providing insurance cover on critical illnesses. You can also take it with best term insurance plans for health insurance, there will be a slight change in premium.

Best Term Insurance Plans for life insurance.

Life Insurance policy – Term life insurance in India only a few people take. Because they think that the money they are filling in the form of premiums is not to come back. Looking at an endowment policy, they lure money back and do not take term insurance. While this is different from endowment policy. There is no money back in it, but the cover is very high. That is, in the money back policy, if you are getting 2 lakhs of insurance by paying the premium, you can get a cover of 25 lakhs or more in the same premium in Term Insurance. That means, if unfortunately, if you die, then the family will get Rs 25 lakh immediately. Yes, it will never take it as an investment. If life insurance is to be done, then get the best term insurance plans first, then think of a money back policy.

Best Term Insurance Plans for Money back Insurance.

If you have taken Term Insurance, you can think about Moneyback Insurance. If you put money in a money back insurance policy instead of a fixed deposit, then it is better. In this, money is available with interest and along with insurance cover too. If accidentally dies, then the family also receives money with interest and money from the insurance cover. If your survival policy becomes maturing, you will not get the same amount of interest as the bank or the government deposits, but as long as the policy remains, you can sleep asleep comfortably.

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Best Term Insurance Plans for Travel insurance.

Many people understand the meaning of travel insurance, that if the family dies while traveling, then the family gets the money. Apart from this, many things are covered in it. Passport loss, medical emergency, loss of luggage, etc. are also included in this. If you took one year’s travel insurance. If you go somewhere in the middle, you will be covered under this insurance until the journey begins, from the end of the journey. This is very important for those who travel by the days of office work. Or you can also choose the option of Best Term Insurance plans for travel insurance while taking the term policy. Then there is a slight change in premium. You can also buy it online too.

Endowment policy

Best insurance policy – The endowment policy is insurance, in which, when the policy is maturity, you get a lump sum amount including interest, and till then you are also covered under your life insurance. An endowment plan is a savings plan, which covers the insurance cover. If the policyholder dies, money and interest including the amount of interest are paid. And if the policyholder is alive, then money is received after maturity. For those who are thinking of long-term investment, this option is good for them, because there is also insurance with guaranteed returns.

Best Term Insurance Plans for Car insurance.

Car insurance is essential in India. You can not escape it. It is also the same as life insurance or health insurance. Now through online transactions, this has become very easy. Many companies are also providing online car insurance. But of course, before you insure your car, you can compare the policies of different companies. Take the deal that you like best, take it the same. Even if you have to renew or reinstate lapsed insurance again. It would be better if you take the Accident Insurance cover together.

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Best Term Insurance Plans for Two-wheeler insurance.

Two wheeler insurance is mandatory in India. It provides insurance to your bike or scooter alongside you. If your vehicle gets damaged in an accident, you can claim it. If there is a bigger damaged or any major problem has come in, then you can claim it. And even if your vehicle is being flown during the riot, arson, etc., the company still pays you money.

Best Term Insurance Plans for Pension plan.

In India, many people think that only the government employees get the Pension Plan. While there are all insurance companies, who provide pension plans. These are the plans that protect your future after retirement. Ask the truth, you should start thinking of retirement from the day you started your job. During the job, you have to pay a small amount of money every month, three months, six months or in a year. In this, you get tax deduction under 80 CCC. And finally, when you retire, you start getting the pension. After your death, your life partner/partner gets pension money.

Best Term Insurance Plans for Personal Accident Insurance.

Personal Accident Best Term Insurance Plans are those in which the family receives money in the event of death in the accident. And of course, even if you are not disabled, the insurance company pays the money, so that the rest of your life gets safer. Coverage is not available in case of minor injury or illness due to death or inadequacies.

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