How To Apply For Passport Online (Full Process)

If you are thinking of applying for a passport, then there is no need to get entangled in the agent’s affair. You can apply by filling the online form easily.

Here’s how to do it?

How to Apply for Passport Online Full Process
How to Apply for Passport Online Full Process

Applying for a passport was a huge pain before. But now you will not have to go to any Govt Office to apply for the Passport.

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Step 1: Visit the website of and click on the new user and go to the registration page.

Step 2: Choose your City in the Passport Office input and fill out the information in the remaining form.

Step 3: After completing the whole form. Now, Click on the register.

Step 4: Now visit the Passport Services website. Click Login and type your email id in Login Id input.

Step 5: Click on Apply for Fresh Passport.

Step 6: Here you have two options – download a form and upload it to fill it. Second, fill up the form online and submit it online.

Step 7: If you want to fill out the online form, then choose the online form option.

Step 8: After clicking on it, select a new passport, general, and 38 pages.

Step 9: Fill out the information according to your need and convenience.

Step 10: On the next page, you will have to give personal information, which must match with your documents.

Step 11: After filling all the information, click submit.

Step 12: Your form will be saved. Then you can view your style. Then click on the radio button.

Step 13: After that click on Pay and Schedule Appointment.

Step 14: Click on the online payment option to go ahead.

Step 15: Select your nearest centre from the list of passport service centres. You also have to choose the date and time.

Step 16: Then type the word made in the image and then proceed.

Step 17: The Pay and Book Appointment option will appear, click on it.

Step 18: Once the payment process is complete, then go to the passport service website.

Step 19: Click on the Appointment Confirmation here.

And Congratulation You have completed the process of Applying for Passport Online.

The problem in the process of Passport Issuance?


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Great relief in address mismatch

9 to 10 per cent passport applications were cancelled because their addresses were wrong or they did not reside at the place shown, but now they are also being given relief.

If the applicants live in the address or the same colony, and the people around them can help in his identification, then the department will also issue a passport on time. The department will also update its system according to new orders.

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Passport applications will no longer be cancelled because of the applicant's name being Kumar, Singh, etc. Missing. Orders have been issued for this. This system has been implemented from now on. Click To Tweet

What are the Documents required for Passport?

Following Documents are required:-

  • 10th Marksheet for checking Birth Date
  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Voter ID Card or Driving License. (Any one of these documents).
  • Electricity or water bill, ration card, Assessment order of the Income Tax Department, Voter ID, Aadhar Card or Bank Passbook can be used for Address Proof.
  • Affidavit of India’s citizenship
  • No criminal record.

What are the Documents required for Tatkal passport?

Following Documents are required:-

  • Address certificate (The applicant can give Aadhaar card, Voter’s card, Bank passbook, electricity or water bill, passport of any person in the family, etc.)
  • Age certificate (Class 10 board certificates are valid)
  • Oath certificate from a magistrate (He will write that he knows the person well. His record is not bad.
  • Additional Charges of two thousand rupees from normal.


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What will Happen if you submit Wrong Documents?

According to the passport officer, if the information of any application is wrong, then you will have to face the consequences.

You may not get a passport.

So far, the passport department has created more than 30 thousand instant passports in the current year.

After passing the passport to the applicants, the department examines the information given to the applicants.

Investigations have found that 500 applicants have misinformed. There is 20 per cent of applicants who have cases registered in different streams.

Strict action is taken when incorrect information is given by the Applicant.

In the current year, the scrutiny report of applicants who created instant passports has come up. Around 500 people have misinformed. Many applicants also have criminal records. All these passports have been cancelled.

They will not be able to make passports again.

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