How to use PhonePe UPI Money Transfer App

How to use PhonePe UPI Money Transfer App

Hello friends, Today I’m going to tell you about an Android app that is the Best PhonePe UPI Money Transfer App for Money Transfer, Online Shopping Payment, Phone Bill, Electric Bill, Fund Transfer. If it is asked if it is better than Paytm, then my answer is 100% good and safe from Paytm.

Phonepe UPI Money Transfer App

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As well as PhonePe UPI Money Transfer App is not for today’s time only. This is an App based on Future Technology and Digital Payment. Which will be very popular going forward.How to Register/Activate Online sbi Net Banking.

I have told you about 5 ways for e-Payment, Online Transaction. It has also been explained about high-security measures like Net Banking, NEFT. But after using all these and after using the PhonePe UPI Money Transfer App, I thought. PhonePe app is more secure for Digital Payment.

What is PhonePe UPI ?

PhonePe Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is an Android and iOS e-Payment app. Which is made by the country’s largest e-commerce company Flipkart. PhonePe UPI Money Transfer App is the same as the bank’s UPI app. But in PhonePe you get some Extra Feature.How to Upgrade Access Level in SBI Net Banking.

First: In the PhonePe UPI Money Transfer app, you get the option of e-payment in addition to PhonePe Money Transfer. From which you can find online shopping. Bill, Insurance, EMI Payment, Broadband Bill, DTH bill, Phone bill can pay.

Second: The security of the PhonePe UPI Money Transfer app is very good with all the UPI apps. And in this, you do not have to put your ATM or Bank Detail again and again.

How to use PhonePe UPI Money Transfer app

Friends In our country, we love people very much from our money. We use most of the Offline Service (Hand to hand Cash Service) to transact Indian money. Which makes us feel very easy. But this is not true if you use the Online  PhonePe UPI Money Transfer app Service or Cashless Payment System Service. You will forget 100% of the Offline Payment Service.Difference between Current Account and Saving Account.

Because when you use the Online Cashless Fund Transfer, Cash Transfer System will be used. So you will realize that you have a bank in your own right and that every work can be done online at home. For which you have to stand in the bank line for hours. As well as in the bank, you have to fill out forms.

But in PhonePe, you can send money to anyone with one click, you can take money from someone if you are feeling joking. So you can see it yourself.

First, you need to install PhonePe UPI Money Transfer App on your Smartphone. If you are an android user, you can download this app from Google Play Store. Or you can download directly from the link.

1 Register on PhonePe UPI Money Transfer App

Registering on PhonePe app or making an account is very easy. For this, you will have to follow Step easy. After that, you will register in PhonePe UPI Money Transfer app.

Step  1: Open the PhonePe app and let’s next. After that, you will come to the option of selecting SIM. If your phone is of Dual SIM. So you select the SIM which is the phone number registered with your bank account. After that there will be a Verification Code on your phone number and your mobile number will be registered on the PhonePe app.

Step  2: Now you have to make a “VPA Create” for your PhonePe app Security. Or say make userName. Just your account has been created. If you are registering on the PhonePe app for the first time. So maybe your bank account 25 rupees should be added extra.

2 How to link a bank account to PhonePe UPI Money Transfer app

It is easy to register on the PhonePe UPI Money Transfer app. The bank account is going to be easier than that. It does not have any kind of paytm. Please add money to the Wallet by filling out the Account Detail again, then make a transfer. In PhonePe you are linking directly to your Bank Account. If your mobile number is registered on more than one account. So you can link all your Bank Account simultaneously. So let’s see how Bank Link is linked.

PhonePe UPI Money Transfer App
PhonePe UPI Money Transfer App

Step  1: First of all, open the PhonePe UPI Money Transfer App and click on the “wallet” option. As soon as you click on the Wallet. A button will open in front of you. You can click on “Link Bank Account”.

Step  2: Now you will come across many bank options. You have selected your bank name from that. As soon as the bank selects it will be “Fetching” for some time. After that, an option will open, in which you will have to enter the last 6 digits of your ATM and enter the ATM Expiry Date.Sbi ATM PIN Generation – How to Generate SBI ATM CARD Pin.

Step  3: Now you will ask about MPIN. Just click on “Set PIN” and select new MPIN. But remember this, do not tell your MPIN to anyone.

3 How To Online Transaction From PhonePe UPI Money Transfer App

When you have linked the account to the PhonePe UPI Money Transfer app. So it’s time to make an online transaction (Send Money Online, Recieve Money Online, pay phone, DTH, Broadband, Electric, Water, Bill, Insurance, EMI Payment). For this, you just have to follow step by step.

Step  1: First of all, open the PhonePe UPI Money Transfer app. And where you have to send money or take money from. According to that, click on that option. As shown in the photo below.

Step  2: Now if you want to send money to anyone. If he is on PhonePe, you can send money using his phone number. If not, you can send money to his account number.How to first time login NPS NSDL some easy tips.


Friends PhonePe UPI Money Transfer App is a very Secure App for Online Transaction If you use this app. Your Bank Account will be 100% Secure and you can use e-Payment System very easily. If you have never used any UPI App before. Even then you can use this app very comfortably.

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