Teaching Jobs-Make your Career in Teaching

Teaching Jobs in the field of education have opened not only the doors of knowledge for the students but also provided opportunities to the teachers. The teaching jobs are a very dignified profession in India and the place of teachers has always been high. This is the reason that most of the young people in India want to join teaching jobs.

Make your career in teaching jobs
Make your career in teaching jobs

Career in Teaching Jobs.

After the increase in awareness of education in India, vacancies in private schools for teaching jobs has increased significantly. Schools, colleges, and universities are opening up in the far-flung areas of the country and large capital is being invested in it. It is obvious that demand for qualified, trend and professional teachers are also increasing in these schools and colleges for teaching jobs.

How to get into Teaching Jobs.

There are several courses at Intermediate, Graduation, and Post Graduation level for candidates wishing to get into teaching jobs, in which the major are:-

1. B.Ed (Bachelor of Education)- This course is very popular among the youth to become a professional teacher. Earlier this course was one year, which has been increased to two years from 2015. To do this course, entrance exam has to be given. To give the exam, it is important to have a graduate.

Many private colleges give admission directly without entrance exams, but it is more beneficial to bead than those colleges who enroll in the Entrance Process. The entrance test is conducted every year for BEd course. In addition to state-level examinations, IGNOU, Kashi Vidyapeeth, Banaras Hindu University, Delhi University’s BEd courses are considered very good. After doing this course, the candidates become eloquent to teach in primary, upper primary and high school.

2. BTC (Basic Training Certificate)- This course is for candidates of Uttar Pradesh and only students from the state can participate in this. This is also a two-year course. To do this course, entrance exam has to be given. Counseling is done at the district level for this examination. Candidates must have a graduate to take the exam. Also, the age limit for this has been kept for 18-30 years. After doing this course the candidates are eligible to become primary and upper primary level teachers.

3. NTT (Nursery Teacher Training)- This course is more prevalent in metros. It is two years old. Admission in this course is given on the basis of the marks of 12th or in many places on the basis of entrance exam. In the entrance examination, questions are asked by Current Affairs, General Studies, Hindi, Reasoning, Teaching Aptitude and English. After doing this course the candidates become algebra to become the primary teacher.

4. BPED (Bachelor in Physical Education)- A lot of new employment opportunities are being given to teachers in physical education. Private and government schools are extensively restoring physical teachers. In this course, two types of courses are organized to become a teacher.

Candidates who have studied at the graduate level as a subject of physical education can do one-year BPD course. At the same time, those who have studied physical education in the 12th can do a three-year graduate course. In its entrance test, a written test along with physical fitness test is also required to be given. After passing the Entrance Test, it is also necessary to qualify for the interview.

5. JBT (Junior Teacher Training)- The minimum qualification for the junior teacher training course is 12th and the admission in this course is based on merit basis and then on the basis of admission test. After doing this course the candidates become algebra to become the primary teacher.

6. D.D. (Diploma in Education)- This two-year course of diploma in education is done to become a primary teacher in Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. Admission in this course is based on the marks of 12th.

Where to Do Course:- For Teaching Jobs.

Indira Gandhi National Open University, (IGNOU) New Delhi
Indraprastha University, New Delhi
Central Institute of Education, New Delhi
Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi
Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Aligarh
Amity University.

Scholarship- Many government colleges also offer relaxation in fees or fees with different conditions.

Essential examinations to become a teacher- To become a teacher is not enough just to do the course but some exams are also to qualify for Teaching jobs.

1. TGT and PGT- This examination is organized at the state level. Mainly in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, this test is popular. For Graduate and B.Ed for TGT, postgraduate and BEd degree is essential for PGT. TGT pass teachers teach children from class VI to 10, then PGT teachers teach secondary and senior secondary students.

2. TET (Teacher’s Eligibility Test) for Teaching Jobs– In many states of India, this examination is held for those who do BEd and D.D. courses. The High Court of many states has made it clear that it is mandatory to pass this examination to become a teacher after BEd. Students who can not participate in this examination can get the results of BEd. After passing this examination, the state government gives a certificate for a few years. This period is mostly five to seven years old. During this time the candidate can apply for the recruitment of the teacher.

3. CET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) for Teaching Jobs– It is necessary to pass this examination to become a teacher in Central School, Capital Area Delhi under the School, Tibetan School, and Navodaya Schools. This examination is organized by CBSE. Only students with the graduate pass and BEd degree can participate in this examination. To pass this exam, it is mandatory to get 60 percent marks. After passing this examination, the candidate is given a certificate which is valid for seven years. However, there is no use of this certificate in state level examination.Work from home-20 Best online Jobs Making Money Online.

4. UGC Net Teaching jobs– To get a lecturer’s job in any college, it is necessary to pass this examination. This examination is held twice a year in December and June. There are three papers on the Net Examination. Candidates can take the examination in English, Hindi or any medium. In the first paper, questions are asked about general knowledge, teaching attitudes, repositioning, and the subjects selected in the second and third papers.

5. Teaching Jobs Opportunities-There are Teaching jobs options in both sectors of Private and Govt. In this field. In addition to government institutions, candidates can also work from private schools to coaching institutions. Not only this, the candidate himself can open the coaching institute.How to Crack Bank exams.

6. Teaching Jobs Starting Salary- Teachers do not initially get attractive salaries in state-level schools. Their salary is between 10-20 thousand. But as the experience grows, the salaries are quite attractive. At the same time, salaries in central schools and private schools are quite good.Raed more advance Tip.

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