Two wheeler insurance-Types of 2 Wheeler Insurance

Two wheeler insurance-Types of Two Wheeler Insurance in India

Friends, this post of today is very important for all the people who have two wheels in the vehicle, whether it is a bike or a scooter. Because in today’s post we will tell you how many types of Two Wheeler Insurance are.

Many people ask questions from me like this given below:-

1.  Types of Bike Insurance?

2. Types of Car Insurance?

3. How to bike insure online?

4.What is Full Party or Comprehensive Insurance?

5. What is Third Party Insurance?

6. What is Zero Depreciation / Cashless Insurance?

So friends, if you want to know, then for this you will have to read our post full till the end. Because after reading this, you can choose a good insurance policy for your Two Wheeler and then buy it.

Two Wheeler Insurance Tips
Two Wheeler Insurance Tips

2 Wheeler Insurance – At present, most people in our country have their own Two Wheeler Vehicle, and in this case, it is very important for them to take insurance for their vehicle. Because vehicle insurance prevents us from having economic harm if any kind of accident occurs. At the same time, it also compensates for breakage in any type of vehicle. That’s why we must insure our vehicle because when we know what happens.

Apart from this, friends also provide a safety cover to the owner of a vehicle insurance vehicle, which gives complete protection when there is an accident.

Friends, if you have your Bike, Car or any other vehicle then you should ensure it.

So let’s go, friends, while not waste your time too much, we start giving you information about the types of two wheeler insurance or Bike Insurance.

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Types of Two Wheeler Insurance | Types of vehicle insurance

Well, friends usually have 3 types of two wheeler insurance or Vehicle Insurance, which you can see below –

1.) Full Party or Comprehensive Insurance – Two wheeler insurance.

Bike insurance online – If a person has made this insurance, then after the accident, the insurance company compensates for the breakdown of the two vehicles, both of the drivers, both of the drivers in both the vehicles present in the accident.

Apart from this, you get a claim on the parts of the vehicle. For example, if an iron part breaks in an accident, then maybe you have to pay 15%, and if the fiber split is broken, then there is a ratio of 70: 30.

2.) Tow Wheeler Insurance – Third Party Insurance.

Friends, if your vehicle has Third Party Insurance and your vehicle is collided with another vehicle, or there is an accident. So, in that case, the insurance company will not provide any cover for your vehicle. However, in the accident, the other vehicle and its owner will be provided insurance company support.

Meaning of this, the vehicle that will be accidentally damaged by your vehicle, an insurance company will compensate only for that. Due to its similarity, this is called Insurance Third Party Insurance.

3.) Zero Depreciation / Cashless Insurance – 2 Wheeler Insurance

Bike insurance – Friends, this insurance is considered to be the best for the four wheelers because you do not have to pay any extra charge for any kind of accident. In this, you can fix your vehicle by picking your vehicle in any of the listed garages from the insurance company.

There is no need to spend any money on it, and it is very easy. In this, you only have to pay File Handling Charges. This insurance can be expensive by up to 20% compared to other insurers, but it has many benefits. If you have your Four Wheeler Vehicle, then this insurance will be the best for you.

Full Party / Comprehensive Insurance is considered the best by most of the three insurance companies. Because, in case of an accident, the insurance company compensates the losses of both sides.

So friends were the two Wheeler insurance (Bike) Types of Insurance about whom we wanted to give you information.

Hope you know – Types of Bikes Insurance in India | Types of vehicle insurance.

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