What is DND? And how to activate DND?

what is dnd and how to activate.
what is DND

What is DND? And how to activate DND?

What is DND? And how to activate DND.Do Not Disturb: Our country is divided into 22 circles according to the telecom industry, which has millions of subscribers and many telecom companies are providing their services. To regulate separate telecom companies from all these Government of India Is the organization known as TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). TRAI only regulates companies and makes rules according to customers’ convenience.So let’s know what is DND.Demat Account and Banking Investment.

DND is clear as the name D-do, N-not, D-disturb (Do Not Disturb). The service started by TRAI in recent years, in which telecom companies were directed that no promotional messages of any type of promotional message be sent to customers taking DND service, although this service has been divided into two categories: Fully DND Activate ( Fully) and partially DND (partially), you will tell us about these two below. Customers can activate DND at their convenience.Now you have come to know what is DND. Let’s know now why need DND.Vodafone DND.

Why need DND?

Promotional message phone companies are like Belgaum horses that come in 24 hours, by promotional calls, messages not only bother us but also on our pockets. We often cut our balance in the name of any service fee is taken. And also provide obstacles while doing necessary work. That’s why the DRIND service was provided by TRI to stop unnecessary promotional messages, calls.Now you have also come to know what is DND and why it is necessary. Let’s know now how to activate dnd.How to first-time login NPS NSDL some easy tips.

How to activate DND?

1. By Message:


  • Go to Message Options.
  • Click on Create New Message.
  • Write START 0 (Zero) and type all letters in Capital letters and leave a blank space after the START.
  • Send to 1909.

what is DND? And way of DND.

To activate DND partially, you can activate DND at your convenience from 1 to 7. It is worth noting that as you type START 2, it will mean that Real Estate Promotional Calls and Messages In this way, you will continue to receive promotional calls and messages related to Real Estate, and the other remaining calls will be closed.

Thus, they are divided into 7 classes: –
  1. Banking / Insurance / Financial Products / Credit Cards
  2. Real Estate
  3. Education
  4. Health
  5. Consumer Goods / Automobiles
  6. Communication / Broadcasting / Entertainment / IT
  7. Tourism / Leisure

2. Activate DND By phone call.

For a phone call, call the toll-free number 1909 and follow the instructions given by IVR. You can also contact the service provider of your respective customer care and activate the DND to the customer service officer.

Note: After sending the message, you will be sent a confirmation message by the service provider, which will be your service registration number, if for some reason DND is not activated within 7 days then you can complain about the service registration number in the customer care.


  • So, guys, you have now learned what is dnd and how to activate. If you have a problem related to the dnd tell in the comment box below.how to activate sib net banking.

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